Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

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5 дзён таму

The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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Stary45 Годину таму
What is Marvel? A place and community that will never die
Raj Годину таму
I come here just to hear a Legend's voice
Abdo Rizq
Abdo Rizq Годину таму
I won't to see all thst movies 😯😮
Jason Ambrose
Jason Ambrose Годину таму
Why do u have to make this d best video ever
sri lover
sri lover 2 години таму
Whoever edited this trailer cut, deserves a payrise.
CampioneDi17 2 години таму
How did the views drop from 11 million back down to 10 million?
Galactic Helmet
Galactic Helmet 2 години таму
The movies titles and dates at the end got me so hyped
Alvaro Valdes Salazar
Alvaro Valdes Salazar 2 години таму
epic chills!
Shreyas Kothawade
Shreyas Kothawade 2 години таму
Best thing ❤️
Fernando Juarez
Fernando Juarez 2 години таму
I love the dramatic music for Doctor Strange at 2:37 it’s implies it’s epicness
D0ctorF0ster 2 години таму
Literally spine tingling stuff 😱
渡辺祐紀 2 години таму
FOXDEMON FF 3 години таму
Marvels broke the internet. Everybody's reacting.🥳🥳
Stronzo 69
Stronzo 69 3 години таму
2:55 Plot twist: It's Captain America 4
李亞駿 3 години таму
2:57 Oh! So that is Caption America 4 !
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 години таму
No that’s Fantastic Four
Nj jamal
Nj jamal 3 години таму
Where is venom 😑
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Годину таму
Venom, Morbius and every other Spidey villain live action movies are made entirely by Sony. Marvel *Studios* has nothing to do with those movies.
Naveen Krishna
Naveen Krishna 3 години таму
While I don't have plan for next week.. Marvel has plan for next 2 years..
Adrija Roy
Adrija Roy 3 години таму
Stan Lee you are great you made a heaven in our minds
Madalena 3 години таму
The way I screamed throughout the entire video.
GAME CHANGER 3 години таму
We are Groot💚
tyuhf sdftvhu
tyuhf sdftvhu 3 години таму
随着22届世界法轮大法日在即,马萨诸塞州参议院和众议院发表官方引用其祝贺新英格兰法轮大法协会。 马萨诸塞州参议院的引文 参议院引用承认“法轮大法社区的弹性在逆境和承诺,以真,善,忍的原则的,在22之际届世界法轮大法日的周年纪念日。 麻省众议院引文 众议院引文中写道:“马萨诸塞州众议院对马萨诸塞州的法轮大法协会表示最诚挚的祝贺,以庆祝法轮大法日的庆祝活动。全体成员致以最良好的祝愿,并表
manish nasre
manish nasre 3 години таму
Goosebumps and Mind-blowing.
Sharan Janjua
Sharan Janjua 4 години таму
I can't wait for this movies
Just A Weirdo
Just A Weirdo 4 години таму
Welcome Back, Marvel. We missed u.
ambily rajesh
ambily rajesh 4 години таму
i guess every avenger is getting 3 solo movies like if you see yes they are
Deepak Sahu
Deepak Sahu 4 години таму
we are waited only avengers groups movie
Arnold Apo. Villamayor Jr.
Arnold Apo. Villamayor Jr. 5 годин таму
PJAvenger 5 годин таму
As a white person who was raised without prejudice or hate for anyone with a different skin colour. I really miss Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda Forever!
Sharky 2 години таму
We don't care about your skin color.
Bhushan Jadhao
Bhushan Jadhao 5 годин таму
Bs pgle rulayega kya
Lakshay Sharma
Lakshay Sharma 5 годин таму
बेस्ट वीडियो बहोत मज़ा आएगआ
akshaya churesh
akshaya churesh 5 годин таму
The part where they gave the dates of the upcoming movies gave me chills
Jellyjoe Roger
Jellyjoe Roger 5 годин таму
The Fantastic Four being introduced at phase 4 must not be a coincidence
Bitupan Sarania
Bitupan Sarania 6 годин таму
once u enter this universe there's no turning back
Don`t give up
Don`t give up 6 годин таму
2:28 العراق العظيم 🇮🇶✔ *Iraq civilization in the background*
SriVatsa Rao
SriVatsa Rao 6 годин таму
Who thought that a guy being held hostage by terrorists in a cave would lead to this
Hoàng Đức Minh
Hoàng Đức Minh 6 годин таму
0:42 Actually Erik is T'Challa's cousin, not brother
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 5 годин таму
Is a figure of speech. It was not meant to be literal.
Crister Daniel Ramos
Crister Daniel Ramos 6 годин таму
Yoo Where’s Loki?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 3 години таму
This is about the upcoming movies, not the miniseries.
TheRedWinger 6 годин таму
annag cocl
annag cocl 6 годин таму
That Avengers: Endgame scene gave me goosebumps and the voice of Stan Lee was icing on the cake♥️
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 6 годин таму
The chills man, the chills...
kaif shaikh
kaif shaikh 6 годин таму
2:31 ibu hatela 😁a bollywood actor
biinyan ma
biinyan ma 6 годин таму
fk shangqi
Dave Sitchon
Dave Sitchon 6 годин таму
I miss you Stan
annag cocl
annag cocl 6 годин таму
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel 7 годин таму
Datzy Nerrazy
Datzy Nerrazy 7 годин таму
Is it true?
Tejas 7 годин таму
2:55 The Fantastic Four are finally back home where they belong! Cannot wait!
dillan skatez
dillan skatez 7 годин таму
Marvel knows the truth to life. We are all one and just reflections of eachother. Groot: we are groot. ❤️ 0:26
Amit Kumar Keshri
Amit Kumar Keshri 7 годин таму
Why marvel why u killed iron man
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 3 години таму
My god, the actor is getting old, the character arc of Iron Man is done, and to show some big casualty of the big battle against Thanos.
Steve Cristian
Steve Cristian 7 годин таму
Marvel future dosen't look bad at all
Ɖevil _ Ɖiablos
Ɖevil _ Ɖiablos 7 годин таму
I just got goosebumps and my heart started beating faster when the name of the movies were been shown
Aviral Verma
Aviral Verma 8 годин таму
Aviral Verma
Aviral Verma 8 годин таму
I can't able to see black widow on theatre because 3rd wave of corona is coming 😭😭but i csn see shang chi and the eternals on theatres finally after 1 year i m a indian i m so happy because film the eternals is coming on very very indian big festival diwali i m so excited
Andreaswrj 1
Andreaswrj 1 8 годин таму
This man created my childhood dream and my imagintion
THANOS 8 годин таму
I miss those days
saikat shopno
saikat shopno 8 годин таму
End game
keely _cn
keely _cn 8 годин таму
I've watched endgame so many times and that scene still gives me chills.
Navinchandra More
Navinchandra More 8 годин таму
S M Mahmudul Hasan
S M Mahmudul Hasan 8 годин таму
Dheeraj KP
Dheeraj KP 8 годин таму
2:22 is that a mistake or intentionally, I can see a camera man at the left
yolol 3 години таму
Its intentionally
Sushma Kanhere
Sushma Kanhere 8 годин таму
a true marvel die-hard fan will get goosebumps on 1:41
Rohan Thorat
Rohan Thorat 8 годин таму
2:31 Anyone noticed Ibu Hatela??!!!
Inferno Raven 666
Inferno Raven 666 9 годин таму
I love this soo much 💘😥
Padmakshur 9 годин таму
We need this bgm💥🔥 soundtrack in every marvel logo intro, agree guys??
Mohit G
Mohit G 9 годин таму
Let's agree that we're watching this everyday until Black Widow is released.
Buzzettern 9 годин таму
I knew it Robb Stark is alive !!!
Tadeáš Buček
Tadeáš Buček 9 годин таму
Let's share it
Twesige Bwemelo
Twesige Bwemelo 9 годин таму
This was very epic !!!! 🔥🔥🔥 What about she hulk
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 5 годин таму
MARVEL Studios' She-Hulk is a television series.
Anita Verma
Anita Verma 9 годин таму
Marvel's Studios is always incomplete without Iron Man Love you 3000
voczyy 10 годин таму
Thank You stan lee
ShorterNeck 10 годин таму
what is the song playing at the end >:(
ARNAB 10 годин таму
Average return
Ⱥҍҽìղ_ P̴a̴u̴l̴
Ⱥҍҽìղ_ P̴a̴u̴l̴ 10 годин таму
How many of you are missing iron man😣
Diksha patil
Diksha patil 10 годин таму
The phase 4 is here so excited 4 movies this year and 4 movies next year and 3 movies 3rd year eagerly waiting l don't care if there is this pandemic
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 5 годин таму
5* MARVEL Studios has reserved October 7, 2022 for a MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four film. That said, MS also reserved July 28, & November 3, '23 for MCU:P4 films.
THE ALPHAWOLF 10 годин таму
I'm not a huge marvel fan but I appreciate them and they have all my respect. Cough cough Warner Bros cough cough
Amrita Das
Amrita Das 10 годин таму
Matt P
Matt P 10 годин таму
DC Slackin .... Marvel all the waay 👌
TONY STARK 10 годин таму
My lovely and my favourite😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Paran01ac 10 годин таму
All I care about is Black Widow, Thor and GotG. Maybe Spiderman.
GOD'S FIRST 11 годин таму
Stan lee created legends !
light 11 годин таму
every time I read the "see you at the movies" I start bawling again. I miss this so much. absolutely cannot wait for this nightmare of a pandemic to be over and to be back at a theater crying about marvel surrounded by my friends and the smell of burnt popcorn.
Manish Khan
Manish Khan 11 годин таму
Moj kardi beta😂😂😂😂
Alexandre Masclet-Rault
Alexandre Masclet-Rault 11 годин таму
It’s a beautiful time to be a Marvel fan, so glad I grew up with the MCU
Smile With Khushi
Smile With Khushi 12 годин таму
Feels like it's already been a long journey, and you don't want this journey to end for lifetime.❤️
Moetres Sarkar
Moetres Sarkar 12 годин таму
100M in 4 days!
CGI Future
CGI Future 12 годин таму
"Dc is better then marvel" You mean the studio the released justice league just without the cringe
est frt
est frt 12 годин таму
bruh there is 2 YEARS for the films to come out i cant wait
BEAST MODE 12 годин таму
Thanks to support me 💘😊
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak 12 годин таму
😭 please God, don't take me before watching all of these movies.
Viral View
Viral View 12 годин таму
आंखों, में नींद बहुत है पर सोना नहीं है, यही समय है कुछ करने का इसे खोना नहीं है। 💪👉✍️👍-#2 अगर मेहनत आदत बन जाय तो कामयाबी 'मुकद्दर' बन जाती है।
Uriel7623 12 годин таму
R.I.P. Stan Lee
Philip Barron
Philip Barron 12 годин таму
Shame that WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier weren’t included.
Philip Barron
Philip Barron 12 годин таму
@yolol I consider the MCU to be a singular series and WV and F&WS to just be its miniseries.
yolol 12 годин таму
Because its series not movie
jash maniar
jash maniar 12 годин таму
Robb stark to Jon snow: "next time I see you ,you will be all in black" Now kit harrington as black knight. And Richard Madden as Ikaris
Ultra Saber
Ultra Saber 12 годин таму
The future generation will never understand the hype around endgame and this NEVER
Youknowwho 13 годин таму
There's only one Stan Lee.
Irwan Zirwanda
Irwan Zirwanda 13 годин таму
Whoever edited this video deserve a raise!
Heart touching
Heart touching 13 годин таму
I am waiting for movie 🍿
Movie's Quiz
Movie's Quiz 13 годин таму
Marvel showing 4 at the end Me - fantastic four 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Marvel - phase 4 ...
Moviemaker Ian
Moviemaker Ian 13 годин таму
Omfg les gon
Daniel Tejada
Daniel Tejada 14 годин таму
Marvel really said "Good day gentlemen, I am here to change the future"
fronix 14 годин таму
Hey Jack it's been a year how are u doing? And how were the movies bro??
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