NF - TRUST (Audio) ft. Tech N9ne
NF - THAT'S A JOKE (Audio)
22 дні таму
22 дні таму
NF - LAYERS (Audio)
22 дні таму
22 дні таму
22 дні таму
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NF - LOST ft. Hopsin
Месяц таму
Месяц таму
NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel
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NF - Change (Audio)
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NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)
NF - Like This (Audio)
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NF - Time
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NF - When I Grow Up
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NF - The Search
Год таму
NF - If You Want Love
2 гады таму
Tech ps
Tech ps 19 годин таму
Can i believe this amazing rap without cuss words
Adrian Illana
Adrian Illana 19 годин таму
AMAZING . CANT STOP WATCHING IT. do more songs like stories
Salmaan Ahmed
Salmaan Ahmed 19 годин таму
Never heard your songs before. I did today and man what a song. Loved you didn't even cussed. Respect
Utkarsh Bajpai
Utkarsh Bajpai 19 годин таму
Bri-Bri 92
Bri-Bri 92 19 годин таму
Bri-Bri 92
Bri-Bri 92 19 годин таму
NF and his balloons🖤
ricky phillips
ricky phillips 19 годин таму
This will happen to some more people if they don't sort their shit Out!
Youssefer 19 годин таму
The saddest part of life is when person who gave u the best memories becomes a memory
ORYON 19 годин таму
My man Hopsin killlin it w NF
Dhairya Valecha
Dhairya Valecha 19 годин таму
FACT: This is not your first time here....
Sharabia K
Sharabia K 19 годин таму
Ashley Garnett
Ashley Garnett 19 годин таму
Out of every song on this mixtape this one speaks to me the most. NF thank you for making me realise that I am not the only one suffering! Feelings are for the moment but your music is forever!
Marty Vreede
Marty Vreede 20 годин таму
he gets his passion out without swearing
Adam Alvarado
Adam Alvarado 20 годин таму
I'm a metal head but this Dude is so fucking talented. Hits a nerve everytime
Инара Байрамова
Инара Байрамова 20 годин таму
Классный трек 👍
FuckThePopulation 810
FuckThePopulation 810 20 годин таму
I'm sorry that I let you down
Hoạt Phạm
Hoạt Phạm 20 годин таму
Ah shit,i hope nate goes hollywood guyz :(
OᖇᗴOՏᑎ' ᗰIᒪK
OᖇᗴOՏᑎ' ᗰIᒪK 20 годин таму
Where is sammy
EGamez 20 годин таму
I really don't understand the thought process behind anyone who disliked the video. Here is a man pouring out his heart, saying how he feels, and you're an indecent enough human being to dislike it. Makes no sense to me.
Sadie Dupre
Sadie Dupre 20 годин таму
Imagine having a call for help and getting you’re call declined not a physical call but mentally calling hinting for help and everyone around you is to blind by this world to answer your call but I’m sure a lot of us don’t really have to imagine it Bc .. we already live it💔 sometimes we help others who should be helping us but we are glad to help.. he said I could never understand what it’s like to be lonely Bc I always had friends.. he can never understand what its like to pretend to be happy I was always lonely but fake friends were a distraction to my pain fake smiles everyday pretending to be happy in front of my own family being surround by everyone and still being alone .. or when they ask what’s wrong Bc you slip up in front of them but you know they honestly don’t care Bc there to worried about there self maybe I’m being selfish maybe I’m self centered I can’t do anything right I mess up everything I’ll never be anything in life maybe no one will read this and maybe that’s a good thing idk why I’m even writing this
Laurie Ramirez
Laurie Ramirez 20 годин таму
I can see enimen singing this
Rithik Sharan
Rithik Sharan 20 годин таму
Did this guys sell his soul??? Ik he's a Christian rapper and thought so until I heard the lyrics to this song. So if anyone cud help me out tx 🙂
Steel Dog 20
Steel Dog 20 20 годин таму
What happened to his skin at the end???
한도현 21 годину таму
Don't worry, You're not only one listening to this masterpiece in April 2021.
Viraj ganesh
Viraj ganesh 21 годину таму
Lit 🔥
WOLF الذيب
WOLF الذيب 21 годину таму
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 21 годину таму
And this was just part of what's to hold us over? Fuuuuu....
WOLF الذيب
WOLF الذيب 21 годину таму
Spoicy 21 годину таму
WOLF الذيب
WOLF الذيب 21 годину таму
Jihn Hunter
Jihn Hunter 21 годину таму
Alone again....
Shanique Wright
Shanique Wright 21 годину таму
Really needed this thank you.. I have been in my own self inflicted rut for sometime now. Haven't listened much of your new music but thank you! This song motivates me to take that risk despite the feelings of failure. God's blessings to you and your family Nate.
Kingsavatar 3000
Kingsavatar 3000 21 годину таму
That was fauckin sick awsome song
Kai Hartmann
Kai Hartmann 21 годину таму
This is an incredible like to dislike ratio. NF is the real deal.
Yary Alfaro
Yary Alfaro 21 годину таму
Hearing it years later... EXCELLENT SONG!!!
Adventure Sicrle
Adventure Sicrle 21 годину таму
does this not sound like the ending to little nightmares one? the background music
Greaseball 420
Greaseball 420 21 годину таму
Only difference now is there more of us Nate
charlie Loteyro
charlie Loteyro 21 годину таму
Who wants a therapyst in messenger?
raven di'amilo
raven di'amilo 21 годину таму
my favorite artist
BHADDIE_ HEARTZ 21 годину таму
here lays: my dry face and my happiness
charlie Loteyro
charlie Loteyro 21 годину таму
Were like each other so dont say that u r the only 1 whos depressed were all together ❤️
Paula S.
Paula S. 21 годину таму
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Biukin Arogudi
Biukin Arogudi 21 годину таму
Is NF saying "I kinda wanna hand away trust" like he's so comfortable with himself again he's willing to hand away trust again?
Zenith of Science
Zenith of Science 21 годину таму
Why she is voice made up in male voice?
Liliy 21 годину таму
Nf: i wish you loved me back Me: yeah grandma why couldn't you just love me your gone I'm left with trauma and. Pain
areccus10 22 години таму
Where's the blooper where Hopsin fell? He's slid too many times. Like on this track.
whatever._.editz4u xp
whatever._.editz4u xp 22 години таму
I still remember peeing in a cup for my mom thinking I was helping her
Kristopher Klein
Kristopher Klein 22 години таму
This is in a Walmart commercial now
Jamir Jenkins
Jamir Jenkins 22 години таму
NF is not a good rapper. He’s THE rapper
Autumn Ryan
Autumn Ryan 22 години таму
This is soooo dope
The Coolest
The Coolest 22 години таму
Why does a Desolate have an EP and why is it fire??!!
Doctor Pebba
Doctor Pebba 21 годину таму
3:06 nightfall on her way to lellorium
Aaron D
Aaron D 22 години таму
Autumn Ryan
Autumn Ryan 22 години таму
Been waiting for this for a longggg time.
Abbie Eastman
Abbie Eastman 22 години таму
Everytime I hear this song I start balling bc ik what it’s like I’ve had the same thing happen to me and I’m only 15 it slowly kills me that my mom couldn’t give up pills and my father chose kids that weren’t his over me
Ashley Arnold presents music's
Ashley Arnold presents music's 22 години таму
So beautiful 😌🎶🎶🎶🎹👏👏❤❤
poopy Poopface
poopy Poopface 22 години таму
I want to give him a hug right now he looks like he needs one
dinobizkit 22 години таму
Trina Sky
Trina Sky 22 години таму
Tristina Millz
Tristina Millz 22 години таму
I fucks with this ✔👽💯🚨
Chad Peacock
Chad Peacock 22 години таму
This guy is incredible... Eminem and Pac were the only true meaningful lyricists. This guy is making me a liar.
Andy Bowman
Andy Bowman 22 години таму
Intense... how was that 5 minutes?
kodie jutras
kodie jutras 22 години таму
Put this song at 1.25 speed it almost makes me more anxious through this song lol
Daniel Mendoza
Daniel Mendoza 22 години таму
MaveDarkWing 22 години таму
NF is my favorite rapper of all time
Chad Peacock
Chad Peacock 22 години таму
Mannnn... are we talking about the modern day Eminem here????
Maria Williamson
Maria Williamson 22 години таму
I love your fucking song
Chris Gingrich
Chris Gingrich 22 години таму
Real my brotha keep doing your thang I feel you, you hit home with your words!!!
Dustin Diamicis
Dustin Diamicis 23 години таму
Welll damn
Norma Rivera
Norma Rivera 23 години таму
This is sad
Jadentsab squad kids
Jadentsab squad kids 23 години таму
It be better with cuss words in it
Norma Rivera
Norma Rivera 23 години таму
This is sad
Keksmo 23 години таму
Hi, if you are having Depression I would recommend you to look for professional help. Stay strong and try to be happy. If you need someone to talk to you can write me on Instagram. My name is tide_kekse we can also use another platform if you want.
timothy janisch
timothy janisch 23 години таму
My favorite of his and also my go to song every time I’m down and out! God is with this kid!
Eiru7senpai 23 години таму
Always stay safe and healthy Nate. Love from Asia ❤️
GCORE 23 години таму
When the music vid ended . . . chills
Laura McNeese
Laura McNeese 23 години таму
I am not the type of person to usually leave comments on stuff but I have to tell you hands down this is probably one of the most amazing albums I've ever heard. Please don't stop! You've always been amazing but this one really hit me I love it! Don't stop doing this please
M A 23 години таму
2021 when did i.......!!!??
Azaan Rehman
Azaan Rehman 23 години таму
Tobias Stelzer
Tobias Stelzer 23 години таму
man bin ich dicht lol
Laura McNeese
Laura McNeese 23 години таму
I don't even know what to say right now no words could actually be worthy of what this album is. You're amazing dude you really are everything you speak, everything I feel it all the way!
Bella Luna Gaming
Bella Luna Gaming 23 години таму
How to solve any problem: Eyes: Closed NF: On Mouth: Singing along World: Forgotten