NASA 2022: A Year of Innovation
What Is an Exoplanet?
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E.Z. Science: Women in Astronomy
joseph M
joseph M 20 годин таму
GO Space X!!!!
doriot543 20 годин таму
They have grown lettuce on board!!!!
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT 20 годин таму
Singgle SRB with smol orange tank : ❌ Two SRB with big orange tank:✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
DEBASIS 20 годин таму
Everything is great. But I want my fellows to think, is at this moment world need this? We don't have better healthcare, better drinking water, poor society. What about that. I am not against anyone. I am thinking about these things.
X- Creator
X- Creator 20 годин таму
Yes it's about time we send human to the moon, this time for real !
IGR Gaming
IGR Gaming 20 годин таму
Now this deserves "I was here Pog"
Abriol Daisy
Abriol Daisy 20 годин таму
Hello NASA
Sriram Radhakrishna
Sriram Radhakrishna 20 годин таму
We're gonna see a starship land on the moon. Let that sink in
Audrius Petrikas
Audrius Petrikas 20 годин таму
Pavel Kirilov
Pavel Kirilov 20 годин таму
Surprised! This was my boldest dream! I did not believe that this was possible. Common sense and the desire for development in the future, once again opposed the Difficulties. I'm taking my hat off to NASA ... You deserve great respect for this bold decision!
Me: I only care only sn15 Me after the vid: ok time to know more about stuff
ぴあ 21 годину таму
PAPOPAPEPAPOPAPEPAPOPAAA Subcribe to me 21 годину таму
Starship Boy
Starship Boy 21 годину таму
congratulations SPACEX !!!!
Sjittaste 21 годину таму
2:17 *close your eyes...*
chandrakant isi
chandrakant isi 21 годину таму
God. The narration is cringe
Citizen Phaid
Citizen Phaid 21 годину таму
And that right there is the death of SLS!
suraj mahato
suraj mahato 21 годину таму
It's so exciting 🚀
Romina sharma
Romina sharma 21 годину таму
I want to be astronaut
KB0parsi 21 годину таму
Yeaaaaaaa, let's do it.
Ankeeth Pradhan
Ankeeth Pradhan 21 годину таму
Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Friendly Inquiry
Friendly Inquiry 22 години таму
Dwight Regan Lopena
Dwight Regan Lopena 22 години таму
This is Awesome!
JD Heryos
JD Heryos 22 години таму
Funny...Space X blows up not a month ago and gets chosen. No political corruption here folks...move along.
お前はもう死んでいる 21 годину таму
Lol the starship explosion last month was actually a success if your talking about starship It just exploded minutes after landing due to internal problems
The Diamond Fish
The Diamond Fish 22 години таму
*happy Elon Musk noises*
Doozy 22 години таму
Here we go again , to the moon and then to Mars. This is why people are now laughing at this space stuff. Everything about this is fraudulent in many peoples views. Everyone knows that the first time they claimed to land on the moon was a joke and this time will be no different. There are still many gullible people who love space stuff so they'll believe anything that NASA or any other space agency say's.
Sennpax 22 години таму
Good choice N.A.S.A! Let’s go!
Santa Clause
Santa Clause 22 години таму
Russia and US are brothers ☮️✌️
Rodolfo Mejia
Rodolfo Mejia 22 години таму
i like the nasa so i liked the video, so i don't care in flat earthers
Harsh Tech
Harsh Tech 22 години таму
Can't wait 😍
Harsh Tech
Harsh Tech 22 години таму
Manaswin Mehta
Manaswin Mehta 22 години таму
Piotr D.
Piotr D. 22 години таму
At risk of sounding as a bigot.... 1. In competition between two Alpha-Male-Poster-Boys and engineering company arguably most reasonable, low risk design (Dynetics) has LOST 2. Not a single man in the video. 3. Entire infrastructure for Artemis reminds of one proposed for frakin' MARS mission in early 90s 4. Unless SpaceX design is rebuilt to touch down like Space:1999 Eagles (land horizontally), it is excruciatingly inconvenient for crew and risky on lunar Soil. LEMs weigthed next to nothing and there were stability concerns or even fear of it sinking into regolith. I'd like to point out that NASA has not lost a single crewman ... I mean, crewperson in actuall Moon missions; when spaceX design topples, death tool will be terrible. SpaceX design is great for fuel depot on lunar orbit or something similar. Pragmatic approach would be using least risky one (Dynetics), testing SpaceX design in unmanned configuration and gradually switching to it later on.
Yixe 22 години таму
It costs us Americans less tax money while offering more payload capacity, and faster development. Its a win, win, win, Great choice.
Airwaycherry 22 години таму
This is the Truth about Russia and America, We are Patriots coming together for the purpose of bettering the lives of our Children, and their Children! No Deep State dark agenda will ever succeed in destroying the bonds of free humans around the world. We are proud of you Astronauts, for your outstanding achievements and your Friendships. Airwaycherry and Son (Airwaycherry2)
Broken teletooby
Broken teletooby 22 години таму
That quality tho
Gundal66 22 години таму
Next time put people with charisma to do an annoucement... these ladies bored me to death
knownWee 22 години таму
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
B10 - JoshuaSiriban
B10 - JoshuaSiriban 22 години таму
Nasa has apperently made the right decision
dhel maguet
dhel maguet 22 години таму
And don’t last that long😏😏
Cool 22 години таму
It’s the loveshottt naaaa na na na na na na na
lovejoy812 22 години таму
Jeff Bezos *Fine, I’ll do it myself.*
shruthi srikumar
shruthi srikumar 23 години таму
Why is it -69p?
NOXISUM 23 години таму
My hope is that Artemis has just as big of an impact on the scientific and engineering community as the Saturn V did so we could stop seeing every engineer with a Saturn V small model in their office, for once i want to see Somthing new 🤷‍♂️ how about a Sea Dragon rocket model or a nuclear fusion powered rocket model or Somthing completely made up by the engineer whose in that office
20 Muhammad Kemal Abizar / 8F
20 Muhammad Kemal Abizar / 8F 23 години таму
Yay, can't wait to see the Lunar Starship being flown! :D
NOXISUM 23 години таму
It’s ok blue origin ....... we will wait
Gamshek 23 години таму
Well Done SpaceX
Dual Space Flight
Dual Space Flight 23 години таму
Evolved Primate
Evolved Primate 23 години таму
I can’t wait to see the flat earth creationist christians lose their minds when NASA live streams the moon landing.
Dika 23 години таму
Im glad that they choose spacex put i hope it will not like american concorde in the past when they choose boeing 2707 to compete in supersonic travel and not but boeing didn't build it because of design flaw
HeatedWafflez 23 години таму
dang to think you'll look up at the moon one day and think, "huh, there's people up there right now."
Xavier 23 години таму
Bowie would be pleased. Congratulations SpaceX!
Raj Modi
Raj Modi 23 години таму
Napoléon Bonaparte
Napoléon Bonaparte 23 години таму
this was clearly made for kids in elementary school
TacoShark Gaming
TacoShark Gaming 23 години таму
Legit started crying, and I did nothing on this project. Congratulations to everyone who worked on it, ready to find life on mars!
Logic 23 години таму
My only concern is if spacex will meet the timeline, as starship is much more advanced than other two options.
69 22 години таму
SN15 should lunch on Tuesday if everything goes right.
Jayrashtra Hindavi
Jayrashtra Hindavi 23 години таму
What about Mars..??? Space x we thought space x going to land on Mars in next five years..
お前はもう死んでいる 21 годину таму
Cant theh multitask? Its not that hard because nasa would mainly deal with the artemis thing
69 22 години таму
They want to send supplies in 2022 and possibly people in 2024.
Narahari m v
Narahari m v Дзень таму
Long live ELON MUSK!!
Físico Nuclear Cuántico
Físico Nuclear Cuántico Дзень таму
Godspeed and God bless!
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar Дзень таму
Now Elon Musk will lead in Richest man in world list
Edrick Lawrence Ong
Edrick Lawrence Ong Дзень таму
I am very pleasantly surprised. Given how the National Team basically had congress wrapped around their fingers I always thought that SpaceX's proposal as a long shot, at best I thought it would've been accepted as a backup.
Mark Tillman
Mark Tillman Дзень таму
Wow, really! Spacex need to get it right.
- Nathh -SoundsOfSynergyy
- Nathh -SoundsOfSynergyy Дзень таму
What star number was that
Game Bred
Game Bred Дзень таму
I had a question : why did NASA want to create the new human landing system. Why can't we use the same rockets that were used in the past to land humans on moon. It happened back in 1980's right. Why can't we use those rockets?
お前はもう死んでいる 21 годину таму
Too expensive. Those rockets were not reusable unlike the starship which is 100% reusable meaning the cost is heavily reduced
NR productions Lanka
NR productions Lanka Дзень таму
Woow that Awesom
BKG Studios
BKG Studios Дзень таму
sls sucks
Moon Deccans
Moon Deccans 21 годину таму
Mr. Unillama
Mr. Unillama Дзень таму
and this time without the help of war criminals
KOTS Дзень таму
I'm finna make it to Nasa fr
Ruben Verheij
Ruben Verheij Дзень таму
. NASA, for the next rover, build arm un- der rover. This arm is able to help rover to FREE itself, if car get stuck in ground. .
Jut ty building 👷‍♂️home 🏡 on the moon mack the best on the moon bing worter tree 🌳 side grow vegetables ty building under grow to bi save bicoss moon clod to the sun 🌞hot 🔥 nut sing grow ing ty building under ground to bi work grow tree 🌳and vegetables stay green home I sing work for good jut ty
Rinas Mundakkal
Rinas Mundakkal Дзень таму
No one has lanted on the moon yet
69 22 години таму
Multiple people have landed on the moon.
Danny Pope
Danny Pope Дзень таму
Sweet, and bunch of old women talking about other peoples accomplishments
My3dviews Дзень таму
I just get the feeling that starship will fall over on the moon. Looks too tall and narrow.
Blaineworld Дзень таму
Why do I see no flat-earthers or creationists in this comment section?
Elia Pavoni
Elia Pavoni Дзень таму
Best decision and news of 2021, Spacex is great, but Nasa + Spacex? god, we're actually going back this time, to the moon and beyond!
LuisXpL Gaming
LuisXpL Gaming Дзень таму
That’s where thanos home is
Armando Andrés Rojas Martínez
Armando Andrés Rojas Martínez Дзень таму
As u should queen 👑
raysonlogin Дзень таму
Go Starship!
Knightmare Fuel
Knightmare Fuel Дзень таму
Basically Americans are literally funding Elon Musk.... cool
69 22 години таму
Not really SpaceX had the best product and that's why NASA chose them.
Veer 5287
Veer 5287 Дзень таму
I believe blue origins Shepard is also doing quite well... However.. Space x has taken more burn so.... It has to be spacex