Naima Barat
Naima Barat 4 години таму
Her Style 😈🖤💀🔥 Her voice ✨😇❤️🌼
Remi Ellis
Remi Ellis 4 години таму
This song is fire 🔥
Angeles Doncella Mondaca
Angeles Doncella Mondaca 4 години таму
Aquí después del drama :b
Yasmim Facci
Yasmim Facci 5 годин таму
RP Mish
RP Mish 5 годин таму
The way they lip sink each others lines is so cool that they memorised each others lines
Lyrically Lyrical
Lyrically Lyrical 5 годин таму
Did she write this song herself
stephanie zervos
stephanie zervos 5 годин таму
Ahhhh I love it
Aryaa Thomas
Aryaa Thomas 5 годин таму
Ngtl this song is fire
Princess Samson
Princess Samson 5 годин таму
She doesnt deserve the bashes! Shes Talented!!
Chhavi S
Chhavi S 5 годин таму
this song caused so much drama
BGaff 5 годин таму
This song is what nessa did to josh....weird
lollichvr 5 годин таму
So much drama nessa
Maria Abi rizk
Maria Abi rizk 5 годин таму
No idk I do not support them but they absolutely nailed this song !! It’s such an insane song
Big Mak
Big Mak 5 годин таму
She may have alot of drama but shes still an amazing singer
ItstotallylegitYT 5 годин таму
i thinks he sounds so much better w/o autotune <3333
T White
T White 5 годин таму
I had no idea the both of you existed till the drama then I heard that you both made music so I had to see for myself and listen this song is 🔥 this is a hit keep doing what y’all doing because this song is it and it’s working I wish you both success freaking amazing
emmy grace
emmy grace 6 годин таму
only here to say that josh deserves better anyway.
Hannah B
Hannah B 6 годин таму
i feel like it would of sounded rlly cool if they kept his scream going longer while Nessa sang ykwim
furiqx. 6 годин таму
Brianna Hicks
Brianna Hicks 6 годин таму
This is a banger
izabella terleski
izabella terleski 6 годин таму
i’m sorry why is this song SO good
Alexandra Rivera
Alexandra Rivera 6 годин таму
I really do hope that they make more music together, cause the sound AMAZING together
Ana Decresci
Ana Decresci 6 годин таму
they killed it omg
sea ben denis
sea ben denis 6 годин таму
superstar olman için böyle bir dramaya gerek yokt-
Grande World
Grande World 6 годин таму
the guy ruined it ngl
arielle Lol
arielle Lol 6 годин таму
Jaden hossler?
Grande World
Grande World 6 годин таму
wait why is this kinda good
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito 6 годин таму
who's the guitarist?
Rachael Roaché
Rachael Roaché 6 годин таму
Can we get a song with madison beer 😩🫀
sumo.lunatic 6 годин таму
I loved Nessas Part but im definitely no fan of jxdn. That guy is not special nor was his part creative or good.
Fiama Penzo
Fiama Penzo 6 годин таму
This is pure and born talent! And please, can we talk about the chemistry that these two charge up !?
dinoxchar 6 годин таму
Ashlen Conder
Ashlen Conder 6 годин таму
This lowkey slaps
erika 6 годин таму
I don't care.. This shit is fire
anne 6 годин таму
honestly they are just teenagers let's leave the drama bc obviously the hate will affect their mental health a lot no one knows the full story its their life so we should just stay out of it rather than making it worse for the four of them
anne 6 годин таму
pls nessa i want that jacket
anne 6 годин таму
put aside all the drama they killed this-
smd 7 годин таму
I honestly do not like her but this song slaps🌚
Gigi Oyervides
Gigi Oyervides 7 годин таму
Loving you is suicide
Kiki Gal
Kiki Gal 7 годин таму
The best scream i ever heard 2:34
alexa 7 годин таму
this song is horrible, quit lying to them and saying it's good.
Earth worm sally
Earth worm sally 6 годин таму
Nah I sing it every day U just have bad taste in music 😒
feliciamathenge 7 годин таму
So everyone twerking???
Jennifer Pena-Rodriguez
Jennifer Pena-Rodriguez 7 годин таму
Tbh it’s not good she started to blow up cuz of Jxdn watch her use him for clout like she did with josh she wouldn’t be here with out him and most tiktokers think thier celebs when they did nothing just cuz of followers don’t mean celebs okay (my opinion )
Hannah 1748
Hannah 1748 7 годин таму
I love you nessa congrats on the song with jaden. It’s a really good song I love it♥️♥️
Leticia Meza
Leticia Meza 7 годин таму
Trang Le
Trang Le 7 годин таму
Omg they dating now such a good match
arielle Lol
arielle Lol 6 годин таму
Shes a home wrecker
Екатерина Кадкина
Екатерина Кадкина 7 годин таму
They’re lip syncing, damn.... kinda sad
alma weasley
alma weasley 8 годин таму
The Best song 🛐
Natalie_ca Castaneda
Natalie_ca Castaneda 8 годин таму
I am in love with this song
mood swings
mood swings 8 годин таму
idc what yall say it’s not our business or sum shit i ship them both and they SLAP
Bloxy Vibes
Bloxy Vibes 7 годин таму
Nerea Martínez
Nerea Martínez 8 годин таму
Love it
Skye Kaia
Skye Kaia 8 годин таму
POV: the innocent Nessa (Pain) *Brown hair, Cuteee baby face , not Bisexual* POV: the wild Nessa (La Li die) *Black hair , Baddie Face, Bisexual , DATES HER EX-BFF EX BOYFRIEND , Broke Josh’s heart & Etc.* Btw to me clear this is not a hate comment
Riley Wittie
Riley Wittie 8 годин таму
K this all makes so much sense now... but sis ur the one liyingggggg bestie what happened to youuu😭😭😢
Skye Kaia
Skye Kaia 8 годин таму
2 useless parts in this song Jaden: when Jaden said *Oh Jaden! Oh Jaden! Oh Jadennn* Jaden: When Jaden screams! *AHHHHHHHH*
Jennifer Franco
Jennifer Franco 8 годин таму
ipad 8 годин таму
mads was dead right, this song is amazing
lavinia Colletti
lavinia Colletti 8 годин таму
Nessa pegando geral viu
Iza Avila
Iza Avila 7 годин таму
Shipershik 8 годин таму
Nessa is really FUCKING GORGEOUS🛐💜✨
Ashley Gorham
Ashley Gorham 8 годин таму
Where are nessa and jaden?
Katherine Vivallos
Katherine Vivallos 8 годин таму
It cannot be denied, that the song is great and that they have a beautiful connection and that in music they complement each other very well.
Anna Alberguini
Anna Alberguini 8 годин таму
Que ódio essa música é tão boa
Sloane Sloth
Sloane Sloth 8 годин таму
i feel bad for mads rn ,but this song is amazing. * me listening to this song for the hundreth time*
agar zuz
agar zuz 8 годин таму
niaa 8 годин таму
They looked more confident on stage then on Jimmy Kimmel
kerdejah 9 годин таму
Maybe if I sing a song with my crush he might fall for me 🤣🤣🤣.....2 dumb ass 🤣🤣🤣
Sophia Flores
Sophia Flores 9 годин таму
milo lol
milo lol 9 годин таму
BobaBooshi 9 годин таму
man this is good
Amira Delenda
Amira Delenda 9 годин таму
Is she really going to die at the age of 27 ?
ANA CUNHA 9 годин таму
POV: vc está aq mesmo depois da treta pq essa msc e tudo
Kauane Silva
Kauane Silva 8 годин таму
niaa 9 годин таму
Nessa is not a tik toker who can sing Nessa is a singer who is on tik tok
Bruh girl Abi
Bruh girl Abi 9 годин таму
Me: reading the comments Others: talking about the camera man
Kailli Paaverud
Kailli Paaverud 9 годин таму
I love how shes so much more comfortable in this performance compared to her jimmy kimmel (her first ever I believe so I get it) and I can’t wait to see so much more of her. Jaden is also sooo good. I love the chemistry onstage and the voices together.
Kailli Paaverud
Kailli Paaverud 9 годин таму
I love how you can see how much they just love doing this though. Travis is also a great addition to this
Chanel Bond
Chanel Bond 9 годин таму
This is like my 3rd time listening to this